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Millennials are the LARGEST generation on the planet.
Over 80 million in the US.
By 2020, Millennials will represent 50% of the global workforce.
By 2025, Millennials will represent as much as 75%.
They already wield an estimated annual purchasing power in the trillions, and their financial capital will explode as they inherit and invest a staggering $36 TRILLION over the next 45 years.
About us
Who we are
A boutique creative consultancy focused on helping clients understand and engage the Millennial Generation through Insights, Strategies, and Executions.
We came up with the term “Urbaneer” because the urban pioneers we were meeting didn’t like being called hipsters. We decided that these influencers and early adopters of the Millennial Generation deserved a new moniker that matched their ingenuity and pioneering spirit.
We’ve met Millennial Urbaneers all across America, from Los Angeles to Boston— our two locations—and have traveled extensively to observe and collaborate with these innovators. We are constantly conducting quantitative and qualitative proprietary research to learn about emerging trends as they develop—aggregating "Actionable Intelligence,” as we like to call it.
What we do
Expertise is the delta between observation and insight. We’ve built our expertise through many years of observing Millennials as they live, work, and play; we’ve organized these observations into insights that we can share. Today, the insights serve as actionable intelligence for our clients, looking to better understand and engage Millennials.
We design and deliver insight-driven strategies that help clients understand and engage the Millennial generation as consumers and employees through our proprietary ADI process*:
*ADI was originally conceived in 2006, as an evolved approach towards marketing and media planning for motion pictures. The process worked, and has been tested across verticals and with non-traditional initiatives (like engaging prospective employees) with great success.
We flawlessly execute our strategies through a combination of engaging content, thought-provoking campaigns, and corporate culture initiatives. Backed by our parent company, Hamagami/Carroll, Inc., Urbaneer Creative has best-in-class execution capabilities.
Perspectives from Millennials we've met from across the country.
“As long as you have your own thing and believe in it, you can become anything you want to be.”Chris Burcham
Detroit, MI
“Work-life balance definitely matters.”Ellie Caldmeyer
Columbus, OH
“My family’s still in Mexico, I basically have one foot in American culture, and another foot in another culture."Diego Rodriguez
Denver, CO
"It seems like there is a lack of authenticity today."Andy Jones
Columbus, OH
“I think the way millennials look at money and careers is different than other generations”Noah Fisher
Brooklyn, NY
How we do it
Content is king. From social media to multimedia, digital content is essential for capturing Millennials’ attention and building brand loyalty. We specialize in creating the dynamic content needed to truly engage Millennials.
Millennials expect transparent, authentic, ongoing communication with brands. We work with clients to create communication strategies and campaigns designed to maximize opportunities—by delivering it at the right time and in the right way—to create deeper connections with targeted Millennial audiences.
Your corporate culture matters. Get it wrong, and Millennials will move along in a matter of months. We know what drives and inspires Millennials to do great work, and we use that knowledge to help clients attract and retain the best and brightest of the Millennial generation.
Perspectives from Millennials we've met from across the country.
"I love that I’m paid to be creative and tell stories with my camera."Nate Fried-Lipski
Boston, MA
"I want to be able to build a community of people by just going down the street and having a drink and meeting other people with similar interests."Margot Madalengoitia
Poughkeepsie, NY
"I had left another business and saw a really specific opportunity to start my own business."Tanisha Robinson
Columbus, OH
“I studied Urban Planning at M.I.T. to explore how entrepreneurship keeps regions agile."Kathy Cheng
Detroit, MI
"Doing something right is giving back. We want to touch lives. We want to do something bigger and contribute to something."Jordan Davis
Columbus, OH
Get started
Is your brand engaging Millennials? Are you authentic enough for this massive generation of digital natives? We offer custom assessments tailored to your company’s unique needs.
If you’re ready to dive into the world of Millennials, we offer workshops for you to get the ball rolling. Urbaneer Creative conducts workshops that are customized to your particular area of interest, as it relates to understanding and engaging Millennials. Typically 2-4 hours in length, workshops are structured but flexible, designed to align your team around super-relevant insights and inspire the foundation of a targeted strategy.
Our founder, Matt Heller, is an expert on the Millennial generation, and a popular speaker on the topic. Matt is best known for his unique, sociological approach to studying the early adopters and influencers within the Millennial Generation, and the anecdotal content he’s collected over the years. Book him to speak at your next conference or event to educate, and entertain the audience about this generation and its unique needs, desires, and aspirations.
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